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Exposure Grupo Corpo - 35 years in pictures of Jose Luiz Pederneiras / Palácio das Artes - BH-MG

Today I woke up in the morning and went to the post office at the Afonso Pena, i could not resist to take a peek at the new Palace of Arts and a special exhibition that had my attention.I think it should already be aware of how much I love dancing, especially when it is a mining company to honor famous throughout the world as Grupo Corpo. And they were there in the main hall with the exhibition "Grupo Corpo - 35 years in pictures of Jose Luiz Pederneiras," fantastic!
I love dance, love photography ... Uhum wonder what awaited me there?
When I entered I confess that the first photographs of the room is not pleased me so much, I think there was a failure in the assembly because they are large photographs in frames glazed with the light reflected cold glass all around, the work was such interference with what I did not think good. Also, the minimalist language of the 1st s photos I do not like, is artistically beautiful to see, maybe the concept is stronger. But for me the 1st room I did not added much.

The second room where it was pictures of the trajectory of Grupo Corpo (Entertainment) was barbaric, lighting and arrangement of pictures makes you want to dance through them very, very cool it. Each picture is so perfectly capture a moment so odd, really only Jose Luiz Pederneiras being the choreographer of the group could be so precise.The last room has its walls in all locations where the company began.This exhibition is a beautiful tribute to Grupo Corpo and makes a major retrospective of dance within Brazilian culture and not just be mine, but being taken seriously as art-quality reaches the world.
The exhibition will be on August 28 to October 3, 2010 at the Palacio das Artes - BH - MG
Site Grupo Corpo:

Because a Vik Muniz worth so much? 

Today the media more than anything back in vogue some artists, some as Romero Brito appear in celebrity magazines, but his work to see my little say about the issues that permeate contemporary art, perhaps even reveal some facets, showing how paintings "cute", can be found in the art market millionaire. My sincere opinion about the work of this artist is not like that, do not communicate with me, I consider it too decorative.

It is touching to watch his historical and his exaltation, but ultimately, it's nothing glamorous start thinking and making art. Often we are misunderstood, picking up things that we find interesting in the streets, doing workshops of our rooms and beds. It's hard! Sometimes it is difficult to even buy my stuff people!
But finally, the media plays its role and has bring other artists, Vik Muniz is the cue ball (his works appear in the presentation of a novel global) with great distinction as the first quoted already had a consolidated work, describes this as short biography at Itaú Cultural:
"First of all Vik establishes a relationship between drawing and photography, between memory and present, as it takes as a starting point, reminiscent of a famous image, for example, that of John Lennon in Manhattan. He draws the cliche of memory. At this stage, the most requested is the ability of restraint, as if all reproductions of this image had disappeared, and as we told only with talent and memory Vik to make it reborn. Sometimes he asks people to complete this puzzle head. Little by little, the tragic figure of Beatle appears as if you were on the way to compose the basin of the developer. Obviously, the image was frozen forever in the public eye, truly summarize what would happen: either the name where the city would be assassinated, writing on his shirt, his arms folded as if waiting for his executioner and star sunglasses. He draws the face of the sphinx's most articulate member of the rock group, and finally, the fence behind him. In However, the design is not the end product of Vik. The design retains traces of its death struggle against forgetting. Then he photographs the design and develop about a role that might give the same granulation as a radiophotic. proceeds in the same way with the memory of the first man who stepped on the moon, the execution of a Vietcong suspect, the girl running naked down the road after the fall of napalm. All these cliches come from the selection of the best pictures produced by Life magazine, first Vik book you bought in the United States when he arrived there in 1983 when he had a rudimentary knowledge of English. The series 'The Best of Life', held between 1988 and 1990, then refers to recapture a moment in which he felt exiled , lost and isolated. To be an artist, he lacked reproduce this state as if the rescue time recovered to supply the ultimate key to his vocation "

Considering these things I found this article in website "Map of Art"

Why are the works of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is worth so much?

The Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has earned at least 15 years of career, an enviable position in the international art scene. Your photos built with wires, lines, sugar and chocolate, leftover carnival, land and other unusual materials are now in major museums worldwide, such as the Metropolitan and MoMA, both in New York. Vik was also the first Brazilian to hold a solo at the Whitney Museum and this year has exhibited in Washington, Atlanta, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Today, for example, Vik has works exhibited at the Venice Biennale (and in the Brazilian pavilion at the Palazzo Fortuny.) He also has shows scheduled for Paris (December) and Paul (from June 28 at the Museum of Modern Art). All this success is due to his great talent, but also a series of coincidences and marketing strategies involving artists, gallery owners and collectors. Vik Muniz did the right thing from the beginning. He moved to New York in 1984 and there even held his first solo show at Stux Gallery in 1989. His first series of works had a strong international appeal. "The Best of Life" was a series of reproductions of historic photos published in Life magazine, like the kiss in the street Times Square, a crowd during a projection of 3-D cinema, the first man on the moon came up so Vikalready moved in any regional context of artistic production. The investment banker Jose Olympio Pereira, collector Vik, says the fact that the artist live in New York influenced his decision to invest in the artist. "Vik was not love at first sight. I had difficulties with figuration. I approached him because I like his use of unusual materials and ephemeral, which is unprecedented, creative and innovative. The fact that he lived in NY and be inserted into an international circuit was a good indicator of recovery potential, "says Jose Olympio, who has three works by the artist. In 1994, five years of career, Vik had performed eight solo exhibitions in New York (four), San Francisco, Santa Monica, Paris and Sao Paulo. Had also been included in more than 30 international group exhibitions. Prices of the works have been following the activities of the artist and also do not stop. Their "wire photos," for example, were presented in Sao Paulo in 1995 and cost $ 1500. Today cost $ 6000, which represents a gain of 300% in six years. The gallery owner Marcia Fortes (Fortes Vilaca Gallery, which represents it) justify the recovery."Vik has produced eight sets of working beyond the wires. They already are rarities. There is already an international competition for them, "he says. His gallery in São Paulo has pictures on land or wire (U.S. $ 6000 each) and photos with leftover chocolate carnival or (U.S. $ 12 000 each). Photographs powder (shown at the Whitney Museum) worth $ 15 000. Pictures with sugar (shown at the Biennale of Sao Paulo in 1998) are exhausted. According to Marcia Fortes, that control the prices of works by Vik Muniz is done in partnership with the New York gallery (Brent Sikema). Last year, for example, the paintings of chocolate cost $ 10,000, but one ("Action Photo 1) was placed on auction at Sotheby's in New York and was sold for $ 38,000. The success of the work "Action Photo 1" is explicable, beyond their formal qualities. The photo belongs to the series 'chocolate', one of the best known of the artist, the auction took place in New York, and the Americans are crazy about Jackson Pollock, an artist who is represented in the work. "It's the most famous image of Pollock and he is one of the ultimate icons of American painting. The picture became a classic because it revises a key moment in American art, "explains Marcia Fortes. According to the gallerist, the sale produced a strong speculation over the artist's oeuvre."Neither the artist nor his gallery think the record price at auction was a good deal, as this can inflate the market over a speculative bid. We and gallery in New York decided to hold the price of the series in chocolate at $ 12 000. A good price at auction can appreciate the artist's work or cause a flurry of works on the market and ends up playing the artist's price down, "says Marcia Fortes. She says that her role as a gallerist is to solve a difficult equation between high demand, short supply, speculation, auctions and secondary trading by other dealers. "It's a juggling act to contain prices and at the same time, no misalignment them. The gallery has to protect the artist's work and the softness of your career development over the years and not act with the works as if they were bidding on a stock exchange, "adds Marcia Fortes. It is also part of the gallery owner to select the destination of the artist, avoiding, for example, to concentrate in the hands of a few dealers or collectors. In Brazil, Vik is in the collections of important collectors in Brazil, as Frances Marine, Isabella Prata, Gilberto Chateaubriand and Bernardo Paz Too many works in the hands of a few collectors might not be a good deal because it gives them a great power of speculation. A great collector may, for example, can force a record bid in an auction only to have the works in its power value. "The fact that a good dealer who has control over the production and guides the artist, is a security for the collector. There is always a risk in relation to the contemporary artist, but being a good artist and having a good dealer, success is almost guaranteed, "says collector and investor José Olympio.

Well when you think of media ... Success and recognition are consequences that most artists aspire. But to what extent this media, this market, this manipulation interferes with the career that each one will follow? The media promotes, brings recognition, but it can also trivialize and overcrowding a job ... Ai comes into vogue another dilemma in Contemporary Art ... It would be for all?? Do the artists are prepared to sell one of his pictures to Paris Hilton??

Woe, woe is hard ...

post August 24, 2010
Artist portfolio

Today the lesson for tomorrow with the teacher and artist Marco Tulio Resende was very fruitful.He is my dear professor specializing in design and he always has important things to say about "being" artist. Diferente.Fizemos today was not commenting on many things, comment on my final work and decided I need to face my portraits in front of them and not run anymore. It seems that the final exhibition design will turn to the beginning of November, but here is a little there, at the door! I have to start producing and urgent! We also talked about the job market and how high are the fees charged by dealers to artists!

But what prompted me to write this post today was that we talked also about the fact that I and some colleagues did not have entered the 1st Biennial artist (union school of Fine Arts-UFMG and arts Guignard - UEMG) would have been a unique opportunity, since it formed the next year we can no longer participate. The fact was that I am a stubborn person and Marco Tulio had told me I needed to arrange the portfolio in a more coherent ... Portfolio the Aaahhh!! He told me he loved my painting, in his words - they found, barbaric! lol But the rest of the portfolio did not bring work that followed the same line, not together ... It was like painting and the "cherries"! If you want to create your portfolio, think that there is usually a bank examiner who will look at the consistency and coherence of the work. Get to know a little about who is writing this Board, the type of work they produce, the kind of curatorial etc. The portfolio is a manhole for success.He needs to be cleaned, preferably in a white paper (the display of these works is best on white, is a mistake to think that would be black!). Must contain preferably (and this depends on what is offered in the announcement) works that follow the same category, for example if you put that painting is just painting, unless the works are closely linked and all that is specified in a it clean. is very important to read all the details of the notices, so you do not have to spend no surprise. Generally, the provision would be a cover sheet (name of work - the artist's name), the text clearly with lyrics, photographs of the work with the technical specification behind the leaves.Photographs can be printed on a glossy paper glossy or matte (gives an air of quality to the Portfolio), can also be printed on photographic paper and glued carefully on the leaves, remember: do not forget the specifications on the sheet, preferably behind the leaf or the right of the photo (this will depend very tender), then the photographs put a brief resume of his career, with exhibitions and displays that participated, your e-mail and telephone. For installations, video performances and some specifications will differ, as do the writing request, usually this will ask the project (for the installation and performance) and video file on a CD recorded. In the case of Portfolio to participate in photographic competitions, if a test send loose photos (without glue on paper) with the specifications of each month (artist name / date / title), this will help at the time of banking is examining the photos as they can arrange them however they wish. You can send a text to separate the test or photograph be better understood, all too brief and objective. Here are some tips that I found important to emphasize that I have learned and the "practice" on this career. I hope they can help you to improve and is becoming more professionalized!

A bj for all 
Follow the link from there site from my teacher and artist Marco Tulio Resende:


Meeting new artists - Daniel Escobar and Isabella Prado
I'm loving the lessons my teacher Isabella Prado Topics in Contemporary Art. By reason of her leaving soon for maternity leave, she has some local artists to bring JA.CA to be talking about their work processes. First came the artists Camilo (Columbia) and the New Yorker Zach Fabri.In class today she brought the artist Daniel Escobar and two hours to hear his work, his early career, the dilemmas that permeate and are so like our ... I loved school and loved to know an artist so talented and excited about their work. Daniel Gaucho is born in a small town of Rio Grande do Sul, going to study art in the capital Porto Alegre was faced with the reality of the city and all his appeals. This caused a great shock of reality that affect and influence his work today. Passing by the billboards, the clippings watching the screens of large format images, work with layers and accumulation, maps and city guides and more clippings and cuttings ... Today Daniel lives in Belo Horizonte and is resident in JA.CA. Your site is under construction ok! Then put p vcs! 

A few more links so that you know this artist's work:

The ideal city for an artist Daniel Escobar, gaucho young, 28 years, has a solo exhibition, Master Plan, the gallery Mendes Wood, in the Gardens. A 1972 book, "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino, is the springboard for inspiration of Daniel Escobar in the construction of new cities through maps and travel guides cut and reassembled to illustrate collages, installations and video.

(Collage of maps taken from plastic bags) 


Man's desire to build the ideal city is eternal. However, when this city is built other desires arise and she no longer serves. The man then leaves for the construction of another, then another and another city in a ceaseless movement of dissatisfaction, until you bring it in line with their fantasies. In the end, the ideal city does not exist. This is the logic that engages the work of Daniel. However, cities are not built once discarded. In this utopia art, Urbès "abandoned" saw talismans. So it is with the "Palace of the Spheres", the city-miniatures in acrylic boxes.

(Clippings about tour guides BH)

(Metal, acrylic and light bulbs) 


A tourist map of Florianopolis becomes three dimensional with the undulations of the ocean by jumping the wall and a city-wide viewpoint, a site specific, is at the top of a plywood, assembled with little pieces of wood, such as "Lego", colored by images pasted catalogs Sales of real estate.

(Pieces of wood on plywood)

(Pieces of wood on plywood) 

A video animation generated by software, in partnership with Andrei Thomaz, also part of this exhibition of Daniel that hybridizes representations in art, architecture, dreams and behavior. "The atlas should contain both the large stone Fedora Fedoras as small spheres of glass ..."One gathers that is required, but is not; the other, what is imagined possible, and a minute later ceases to be so." (Italo Calvino - "Invisible Cities"). Mendes Wood Gallery Master Plan - Daniel Escobar Street of the Consolation, 3368, Jardins - São Paulo. Monday to Friday: 11-19 h. Saturday: 11-17 h. Until April 17. Free admission. Posted: 04/12/2010 16:20:49

Site JA.CA:

 Isabella Prado Artist:


Origami - Folding Body and Soul 

Hi guys!
I took pictures to my exposure of end of course (for those who do not know, graduating in Fine Arts!)
The Leticia was my model, she is trained dancer and helped me a lot with the photos. The photos were taken at the MTC-DT (Training Center Ministerial Diante do Trono), there was nice, having a dedicated room for dancing, with mirrors and all, besides the Leticia who lives there as a seminarian. 
My proposal is to transform photographs of motion in giant origami and paintings. The research I do is to bear the trial to capture, through photography and drawing, movement and emotion of the body, from the outset, within those who practice it and put out through gestures.
The quest to capture the moment and the feeling brought by these movements of the plastic form is the challenge!
It also aims to bring a contemporary spiritual connection that I believe
the body as a temple of the soul. This soul unmasked through movement fragmented, reveals the extent to which suffer consequences of their feelings and emotions.

Using the metaphor of the figure of the "Origami", the first way that would be a blank sheet of paper without
folds represent the body, such as the movement becomes so
images, coding the feelings materiality. The final result then becomes cuts and shapes 
frozen fragments of memories and deeds, exhaustible, as the material they are made of origami.
However, in its meaning and symbolism, perennial and eternal as the soul itself.
Gradually I will tell them about this whole process of creation for you!
I'll let one of the pictures taken for them to enjoy! If you copy the picture to give credit ok! ;